Looking for quotes to help you stay positive and focused during labor and delivery? In search of some of the best birth affirmations for pregnancy and childbirth?

Whether you’re planning a natural birth or open to using pain medication, positive birth affirmations can help reduce your fear, boost your confidence, and help you cope with the unexpected. They can help keep your mind off the pain and eyes on the prize.

In this post, we’ll cover 18 empowering affirmations to use on your birthing day (including a few bible verses). We’ll also talk about how to use your birth affirmations and hear how other moms found the benefit in theirs.

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Empowering Birth Affirmations to Keep You Strong Through the Pains of Labor

Listed below are 18 of my favorite printable birth affirmations to help you stay positive and focused throughout labor and delivery. These quotes will send you happy thoughts and help you ride through the pains of childbirth. I’ve also included a few bible verses to help my religious readers find comfort during their birthing time.

My absolute favorite! 

A great one to remind yourself to not fight it. The more you let go, the more likely your birth will go quicker.

Simple and short, but yet so powerful! 

Each contraction is bringing your baby closer and closer. 

Find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. 

Huge one to remember during transition

A great quote for those looonnng labors. 

I like this simple affirmation, because it can be encouraging in many different situations. You can use it to remind yourself that birth is natural, and you need to trust your body and your baby, and accept that the pain is normal. Or, it can be used to find comfort when things don’t go as planned. Your journey may have taken a different path, but you need to accept it and trust that this is what you and your baby need.

Another great affirmation that can be helpful during natural birth or the unexpected (like an emergency c-section).

A great reminder that all this pain is purposeful and won’t last forever.

Uplifting Bible Verses for Labor and Delivery

If you’re religious like I am, you’ll probably find comfort in these uplifting bible verses. Some of these verses are specifically about giving birth, while others are just great for finding faith and strength.

My fave! 


How to Use Your Birth Affirmations

Many moms will pick out their favorite affirmations and quotes and create beautiful affirmation banners to hang up in their birthing space. This is a great way to recall your affirmations and also creates a great focal point to concentrate on during contractions. Other moms stick with affirmation cards, so they can keep them close and easy to read no matter where they end up laboring.

For my first birth, I wrote down all my favorite birth affirmations in a journal and read them every day while I was on bed rest. However, when it came time to give birth, my labor was so fast and intense that I completely forgot about them.

For my second birth, I  decided to get crafty and make a banner. I hung it up in my house for daily motivation and positivity during my pregnancy and took it to the hospital with me when baby boy came earth side. My doula was so great at phrasing my birth affirmations to me when things got intense. As I started to hit transition, I just kept saying to myself “I can do this.”  I reminded myself that I needed to keep all the muscles in my body loose and relaxed. Fighting the pain would only make it worse and wouldn’t encourage baby to descend.

Birth Affirmation Testimonials (Hear What Other Moms are Saying) 

I learned that approx. 350,000 women give birth every single day in my childbirth class, and that fact alone helped keep me grounded when the pain got to be intense with my second birth (unmedicated VBAC). I felt a kinship with all of the women laboring around the world. I tried to picture different women in different countries laboring alongside me and it made a huge difference. If they could do it (often under way more difficult circumstances), I knew that I could too.  – Laurie, Mom of 2

I looked at my affirmations almost everyday before I gave birth. I envisioned exactly how my birth would go, but you can’t predict birth! I had the whole birth pool and affirmations set up, and I never even used them and ended up giving birth on our bed. I 100% planned on using the pool and looking at the affirmations as encouragement, but with the use of Hypnobabies, I didn’t even open my eyes during labor and stayed on my bed comfortably the entire time.   – Jamie Falls, Mom of 4

Photo by Stephanie Acuna Photography, Birth affirmations created by Margaret Horan

Photo by Stephanie Acuna Photography, Birth affirmations created by Margaret Horan

Photo by Stephanie Acuna Photography, Birth affirmations created by Margaret Horan

I’m 37 weeks, so I haven’t went into labor just yet, but I plan on having my birth affirmations on the walls around the birth center. I’ll probably hang them near the tub for me to look at and remind myself to keep going. My sister is a doula as well, and we had a birth affirmation banner hanging up at her home birth and “ride the waves” always kept her going. Picturing your contractions as waves! – Jade, Expecting Mom

Photo by Jade Pilarski

For my first, the only thing we had planned was a home birth. I wasn’t sure what I’d want to do during his birth, but we ended up in my bedroom for his delivery. I had photos on the walls of my family, my dogs, my husband, etc., and I focused on them. I also focused on my husband’s face. I had a very short labor with him (less than 12 hours from the very first contraction to him being in my arms and about 6 hours of active labor).

Photo by Rachelle Willgren

My second was also born at home and was also on the quick side (less than 12 hours total, but would have been quicker if he hadn’t moved his head!). I had a difficult pregnancy with him and I had a mantra of the 23rd Psalm that I recited over and over on the nights where I couldn’t sleep and had panic attacks. I created a plaque with this Psalm on it and hung it on the wall in my room where I would deliver him. I focused on that when I needed to during his delivery, but he also came quickly (10 minutes of pushing!).  – Rachelle, Mom of 2 and blogger over at Mama Writes Reviews.

Photo by Rachelle Willgren

The contractions were so intense that I would have tunnel vision. I had to really focus myself and my thoughts and remember to breathe. I kept repeating the following over and over: “My body is strong. My body is capable.” I would breathe in on the first part and out on the second. This really got me through the worst of it and took my mind off the pain. – Danielle, Mom of 1, and blogger over at Modern Day Mom Life

I just kept reminding myself that it will all be over soon and be worth it. I knew the pain was only going to be for so long. I told myself the more I let go and relax, the quicker my baby would be here. – Amy, Mom of 2 


Time to Choose 

You’ve probably got some great inspiration now, but it’s extremely important to only pick affirmations and quotes that make sense to you. Select ones that you truly resonate with and think will be helpful for you during pregnancy and childbirth.

You could even create your very own affirmations. They don’t necessarily need to be quotes. They could be family photos, a special object, or even an ultrasound photo of your baby.

The right affirmations will help create thoughts of calmness, peace, and security. They will help keep your mind and body calm and your spirit filled with confidence.

Happy Birthing Day! 

Sending you lots of positive thoughts and safe wishes on your birthing day! Your precious little bundle will be here before you know it!

What About You? 

What are some of your favorite birth affirmations? Which quotes did you find most helpful for pregnancy and labor? Share your experiences with us in the comments below and be sure to share this post with other expecting moms.

Thank You to Our Contributors! 

A huge shout out to all the moms who shared their birthing affirmations with us! This post wouldn’t have been possible without you. We hope your shared experiences will help many other moms-to-be.

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