Being a mom is beautiful and amazing. You finally feel like you’ve met your calling and your life is suddenly fulfilled. But, there are a few weird things about motherhood that I would’ve never expected.

Listed below are 17 strange things that happen when you become a mom.

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1. You Cave into the MiniVan

You always said you’d never be the minivan mom, but here the day has come. Those crazy children runny around have started to make those sliding doors, spacious seating, and storage capabilities real appealing.

Not to mention, it’s way easier to get those hooligans in and out of when you’re in a hurry. The minivan practicality is just too hard to pass up now that you’re a mom.

2. Your Brain Becomes Scattered

It’s amazing how quickly our brain structure changes in order to accommodate our new multitasking capabilities. You find yourself forgetting the silliest things and finally understand what the term “mom brain” is all about.

It leads to some quite embarrassing moments for us and creates the need for us to write EVERYTHING down. I’ve started to lose many of my possessions and have even left the grocery store without my groceries more than once.

3. But Yet, You Know EVERYTHING

We may forget things that relate to us, but you better believe you know exactly where your daughter’s green butterfly t-shirt is. We know what will set our kids into tears, when our kids are lying, and when to let things go.

We also have this amazing mama instinct when something just isn’t right. We got spot an illness from a mile away and always know when we need to call the doctor.

4. The News Becomes Terrifying

You want to watch the news, but it’s simply just too terrifying. The tragic events start to put intrusive thoughts into your head and turns you into an overly-protective mama bear.

Not to mention, the news makes things seem way worse than they usually are. You’d much rather just watch “Peg Plus Cat” with your children.

5. You Start to Obsess Over Ingredient Labels

I don’t know if this is true for all moms, but it’s definitely a “crunchy” mom and allergen mom thing. I seriously don’t think I’ve ever looked at ingredient lists as much in my entire life than I do know.

You start to obsessively watch out for artificial dyes, preservatives, and flavorings. You become real aware of the amount of sugar that’s in food and whether it contains any nuts. You simply just want the best for your babies and try to avoid carcinogens at all costs.

6. Showering Becomes a Luxury

I hope you’ve enjoyed showering daily, because that’s about to change. Especially, if you’re in the early years of parenting. You go 3 days without showering and then stand in there for 20 minutes just soaking it all in. Plus, it may be the only alone time you’re getting all day.

And, when you do get the chance to shower, you’ll find yourself contemplating on if you really want to wash up or if you’d rather get some much needed sleep, eat all your favorite foods, or binge watch Netflix with the hubby.

7. You Stay Up Late Just to Get Time to Yourself

These kids wear you out, and you’re completely exhausted at the end of the day. You can’t wait till the kids fall asleep, so you can catch some zzz’s too.

But when the time comes, you find yourself staying up late into the night watching adult shows, getting some work in, or eating junk food that you can’t eat in front of the kids.

8. Caffeine Becomes Your Best Friend

Those early, sleep-deprived years of parenthood creates a new best friend in your life: caffeine. Coffee has seriously never tasted as good.

You suddenly have 20 things to-do before 8am even rolls around and you need to function asap. Your baby woke up every two hours last night and you need your eyes to be at least half way open. Plus, you’re just too darn grumpy without it, and it helps you stay sane.

9. Running Late Becomes Nothing New

I thought I was pretty bad about being late before I had kids. Can you imagine how late I am now?

It can take an hour or two even to just get out of the house somedays. You have to pack the diaper bag, get everyone fed, brush everyones teeth, and then of course take 30 minutes to explain to your toddler why she has to wear pants in public. Then, right when you’re about to head out the door, your baby decides to poop.

So yea…I’m gonna be late people.

10. Everyday Becomes Laundry Day

With motherhood comes mountains upon mountains of laundry. You do a load every darn day, but yet your baskets are still overflowing.

Oh and folding; you can just forget about folding. The clothes are going to be worn before you get a chance to put them away and your adorable toddler will come right over and undo what you just did.

Seriously though, how do such tiny people create SO much laundry?!?

11. You Stop Buying Nice Things for Yourself

Kids tend to destroy things, so you quickly find yourself covering everything in plastic or just giving up on buying nice things. You often always never buy new clothes for yourself and don’t make it to the salon nearly as much as you used to.

You just don’t have any money to spare. But, you better believe you’ll fork out wads of cash when it comes to your kids. Gymnastics lessons; of course. New state of the art swing set; obviously. Pricey, non-toxic toddler dishwater; must-have!

12. Bedtime Becomes a Marathon

Bedtime used to be chill, but now it’s a whole big thing.

First there’s bath time that involves asking your kids to keep the water in the tub continuously, then there’s picking out the perfect jammies so your toddler doesn’t get upset and your baby doesn’t get too hot or too cold throughout the night, and then there’s trying to get your toddler to brush their teeth, and of course, bedtime books with the famous “just one more?” asked after each one.

Oh, and then there’s the lovely sleep regressions when your baby or toddler wants to stay up all night and the only ways you can get them to sleep are by driving them around or wearing them in your carrier.

13. You Can Do Almost Anything One-Handed

When your baby or toddler insists on being carried around all day, you quickly adapt to doing everything one-handed. Of course, babywearing does help, but you’re probably not going to drag out the carrier for every little fit.

You’re catching skills are also probably going to become up to par. My husband has complimented me multiple times on how well my catching skills have improved since having kids. Haha.

14. The Bathroom Becomes a Hideout

You may find yourself taking long bathroom breaks from time-to-time. That bathroom fan is great at drowning out the fighting and persistent questions.

Sometimes you just need to not be touched for a few minutes and have some kind of time to yourself to recollect before you head back out into the zoo. But, you better believe your children (and pets) will be right on the other side of that door waiting for you. Definitely doesn’t happen when dad goes to the bathroom for some reason though.

15. Running Errands Counts as “Going Out”

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then you know all too well how important getting out of the house is for your sanity. Seriously, a trip to the grocery store alone has never felt so good.

Friday nights used to be filled with shenanigans with your friends, but now you just want to take a stroll around Target buying the cutest little clothes for your kids.

16. Your Phone Memory is Always Full Because of Your Endless Amount of Picture Taking

Every time you go to take a picture your phone blasts you with a message that your memory is full. You quickly have to make space, so you can capture that picture-perfect moment. And obviously the first thing to go is your apps. I mean you have to keep all those 3,456 photos of your kids!

17. You Have a New Profound Appreciation of Your Parents

Becoming a parent has finally made you realize and appreciate what all your parents did for you growing up. You feel bad for how terrible you behaved, you feel grateful that your mom showed up to all your sporting events, and you realize why your parents never had any money to spend on themselves.

You’re awakened to how awesome your parents really are and what all they went through in order to raise you. Thanks mom and dad!

I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Motherhood certainly changes your life and brings about some weird and unexpected things. But, I’ll tell you what; I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Yea, motherhood is tough, but man, is it a blessing. You love those babies so much and you’d do absolutely anything for them. You may have to hideout in the bathroom and drink some wine to save your sanity sometimes, but those kids are your entire world.

Motherhood is strange, but completely stupendous.

What About You?

What strange or unexpected things has motherhood brought about for you? Share your funny mom moments in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with all your mama friends.

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