Were you ever wearing your baby and had someone tell you “We didn’t have those carrier things back in my day.” Well, they are actually incorrect. Babywearing has been around for centuries all around the world and has recently made a come-back in many Western countries.

Babywearing is a way of life in many cultures, and there’s no way they could get their work done without it. But babywearing is so much more than about getting chores done. In fact, many studies have shown that babywearing is beneficial for infants, young children, and the carrying parent.

In this post, we will cover 11 benefits that babywearing provides for baby, mom, and other caregivers. 

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11 Reasons to Wear Your Baby 

1.) Makes Parenting Easier 

Babywearing frees up your hands so that you can get more work done and spend more time with your older children, all while providing the closeness your baby needs and desires.

2.) Less Crying for Baby

A study done in 1986 by Hunziker and Barr showed that carrying an infant for two additional hours per day reduced crying by up to 43% or one whole hour.  It also showed that carrying your baby for an additional hour in the evening reduced crying by up 51%.  The closeness that babywearing provides allows for your baby to be able to hear your heartbeat and brings back the experience of being in the womb, which brings peace and comfort to your baby.

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3.) Increases Milk Supply

Babywearing means more skin-to-skin time for mom and baby. Research has shown that skin-to-skin contact increases a mother’s prolactin levels, which helps increase milk supply.  Nursing on demand is also key for your milk supply, and baby carriers make it easier than ever to nurse on the go.

4.) Aids in Baby’s Development

Babywearing promotes the emotional, physical, and mental development of your baby. Babies that are worn are more likely to be socially engaged and will be able to pick up on facial expressions and language much quicker than babies that are constantly being placed in a swing, chair, or stroller.

Baby carriers that favor proper positioning help promote the development of healthy joints and spine and help prevent hip dysplasia. Upright carrying also prevents other physical abnormalities, such as  flat head, or plagiocephaly.

5.) Reduces Risk of PPD

Moms that wear their babies have been shown to have less postpartum depression than moms who don’t.  Wearing your baby releases oxytocin, which gives us that warm, cozy feeling inside and is critical for our emotional well-being. Babywearing also helps moms that are suffering from PPD feel more competent and more responsive to their babies.

6.) Promotes Weight Gain for Baby

Babies who are worn often have better weight gain, as it is easier for them to breastfeed more often. Pre-term babies who are held more tend to be healthier and gain weight faster.

7.) Keeps Strangers Away

There’s nothing worse than some stranger coming up to spread their germs all over your baby without your permission. You will seriously be amazed by how many people will just blatantly come up and touch your baby without asking if they are sitting the cart. But if baby is attached to you, strangers tend to shy away. Your baby carrier will be your best friend for grocery shopping or at any large function where you don’t want people touching your baby.

8.) Reduces Colic and GERD 

The upright positioning of babywearing helps keeps stomach contents down and promotes healthy digestion for your baby. The constant touch, motion, and frequent feedings associated with babywearing makes for a comfortable, happier baby. Babies with GERD or acid reflux benefit greatly from being worn after each feeding.

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9.) Burns off the Baby Weight

Babywearing frees up your hands so that you can get more done, including exercise. There are lots of babywearing exercises you can do, including yoga, cardio, and resistance training. You can even get out in the rough terrain and go on hikes with your baby. But even if you aren’t keen on structured exercise, you will still burn extra calories just carrying your baby around the house.

10.) Promotes Better Sleep

Babies that are worn, cry less, which in turn promotes better sleep…for everyone! Babywearing can really come in handy if you have a baby that needs to be held or touched in order to fall asleep.

My baby would fall asleep in her carrier almost every single time. The baby carrier was a true blessing those nights where nothing else would get her to go down.

11.) Creates a Strong Bond

The thing I love most about babywearing is the strong bond that it has created between my daughter and I. Babywearing builds a secure attachment between you and your baby. It helps your baby feel safe and content and allows you to spend as much time with your baby as possible.

Babywearing for the Win

With all the benefits that come with babywearing, it’s no wonder why this practice has been around for centuries. Babywearing benefits mom, baby, and other wearers. Keeping your baby close to you has shown to make parenting easier, promote breastfeeding, aid in baby’s development, keep strangers away, and even reduce crying by up to 51%. Babywearing really is a win win for everyone.

What About You? 

Do you wear your baby? Share your favorite thing about babywearing in the comments and be sure to share this post with other new and expecting parents.

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  1. Rachel McCracken on May 22, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    All very good reasons to wear your kiddo! Also for #7 it not only works on strangers but creepy relatives as well. Haha. I would note to make sure you get a good fit! If it hurts you need to change something, but don’t give up!

    • Messy Mom Nicolle on May 23, 2019 at 1:36 pm

      Hahaha, very true Rachel! And, yes, thank you for pointing out about getting a good fit. Wearing our babies safely is crucial!

  2. Emily on October 6, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Love this! Yes to baby wearing!

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