A new baby means a time of celebration. Buying for babies is so much fun, but when you’re shopping for gifts for the new little one, don’t forget to include the new mom.

Each time a mom gives birth she becomes a new and different person, and it can be quite a difficult transition. Getting mom a gift lets her know that she is loved and cared for just as much as the new arrival.

Other than the timeless acts of bringing a warm meal, sending flowers, or offering to clean her house, what else can you give a new mom that will actually get used and not get lost in the sea of gifts during a busy time?

In this post I’m sharing 13 of the best practical gift ideas that every new mom will appreciate after birth. 

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13 Unique and Useful Gifts for New Moms

My midwife gifted me the book, Dear Mama, You Matter, after I had my last baby, and now I recommend it to every new mom.

It’s such a touching read, it honestly brought me to tears (granted, I was in the thick of it, postpartum). But no matter if you’re a first time mom or a fourth time mom, you’re sure to find some kind of wisdom and encouragement in this raw and real book.

I wouldn’t hesitate to gift this one, as it’s sure to make that special new mom in your life feel seen, validated, and loved

The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother covers that fourth trimester time which can often be overlooked but is so crucial in a mother’s mental and physical health. It offers helpful recipes and encouraging advice with soothing pictures and typography throughout.

Epsom salt baths are a great way to unwind as a new mom, and they can also be very beneficial in the healing process postpartum. If you know her favorite scent, that’s a great way to personalize the gift, otherwise unscented is great too. 

These bolga baskets are a great choice. They are ethically handmade by women in Africa and consist of neutral colors that would fit well with any decor. Organization is key for making life with a newborn run smoothly, and one of these would be such a big help. If you’re looking to add a little something to the gift, some snack mix or protein bars would be very much appreciated by the new mom.

Recovering mentally from giving birth and adjusting to a new life postpartum can be incredibly difficult. You already know that the new mom in your life is a very strong person. You love the new person they are becoming. Giving them this gift will remind them of that daily.

5. Breastfeeding-Friendly Comfy Clothes

When shopping for new moms, remember that she is going through lots of changes. It might be best to stick to loose loungewear to help her feel her most confident and best self. An oversized button up top is breastfeeding-friendly and flattering on all body types. This one is a gauze-like material with a trendy vibe for less than half the price of most name brands.

It might seem simple, but a gift of lotion can feel luxurious and will leave a new mom feeling very grateful. Especially since the dramatic decline of estrogen and progesterone after giving birth can lead to dry skin postpartum. This is a great option if you want a new mom to feel special while also staying within budget.

There is something about an Instax picture that makes even the most sleepless nights seem magical. It’s a gift that’s sure to last and warm mama’s heart when she looks back on the photos.

It might not be a secret, but the truth is, every mom needs one of these. They are the most versatile household furniture. It could be used for night time feeding essentials, a postpartum care station, or even a coffee bar. It’s sure to get used in someway or another and will look sleek and organized while doing so.

This is a unique gift that works even for those moms who already have other children. If the new mom in your life has any angel babies this would be a great gift to pay tribute to them, while also helping the new mom celebrate her rainbow baby. Of course there’s several options available on Amazon, but my personal favorite is this one from Made By Mary.

Don’t overthink this one. During a new and busy time, it can be easy for “mom brain” to take over. A simple ruled notebook is very helpful. Mom can jot down her thoughts and emotions, moments she wants to look back on, or even just when the baby was last fed and changed.

For the moms who have it all, are picky, or are far away from you, the perfect gift might be cards for coffee, meals, or even a massage. You might be surprised how even a little thing such as a free coffee can emit an emotional response from a new mom who is trying very hard. It could be the one thing that day that reminds her she is not alone and her hard work is worth it.

Whether the new mom in your life is a coffee, tea, or iced water drinker, a new tumbler will be sure to get used daily. If the new mom in your life is breastfeeding, this might be a perfect fit since breastfeeding triggers a natural release of oxytocin, making you extra thirsty.

Being a new mom means suffering through some sleepless nights. A price mom is willing to pay for her precious new little one. But some relief for those tired eyes will always be welcomed.

Useful Gifts for an Amazing New Mom

Being a mom is a lot of work, and it’s a job that can often go unrecognized. The next time a new little baby enters your life, don’t forget to treat that new mama just as special as you’re treating her little one. When you hand her a gift, don’t forget to look her in the eye and let her know that she is appreciated and needed.

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