Looking to design a playroom for your toddler? In search of all the best ideas to keep your toddler busy, engaged, and learning? 

We’re on the verge of moving soon, so I’ve been spending (too much) time looking for ideas for the kids’ new playroom. 

Needless to say, I’ve come across some pretty darn neat playroom ideas that I couldn’t resist to share. 

Listed below are 12 brilliant ideas for your toddler’s playroom that you won’t want to miss. 

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12 Toddler Playroom Ideas

Here are 12 of my favorite ideas for toddler playrooms. I hope this gives you tons of inspiration for your play space design. 

"Learning Through Play" Space

Photo by @JessPartyof4

You guys, I’m completely obsessed with the playroom setups that @JessPartyof4 comes up with. 

These Montessori-inspired spaces are so warm and inviting and just plain gorgeous. She does such an excellent job at rotating her children’s toys and providing them with open-ended, wooden toys that inspire creativity. 

Their Ikea play kitchen also has some amazing hacks to it and they do some pretty neat activities, so be sure to checkout and follow this fun Instagram account

Toddler Art Cart

Art has so many benefits for young kiddos, and what better way to organize all your supplies than with a toddler art cart. It really helps keep things simple and tidy. 

This little art corner by Chronicles of Frivolity is just divine. I love the wooden easel and giraffe portrait, and the art cart is filled with all the best toddler art supplies

Head on over to Katey’s site to see what all she keeps in her toddler’s cart and where she got all of these adorable features from. 

A Farmhouse Kitchen

Who doesn’t love a farmhouse kitchen?

Karli Wilkinson did such an amazing job designing this play area for her little one. The kitchen is complete with a menu chalkboard, a pretend coffee maker, a farmhouse sink, and some handy cleaning tools.

Head on over to her Instagram account to get a better look at the kitchen and checkout the adorable playroom bakery and farmers’ market. 

DIY Busy Board

Busy boards are so much fun for both babies and toddlers. It allows them to explore and play with a whole bunch of objects they wouldn’t normally be able to play with, such as doorstoppers, light switches, cordless phones, chain locks, and much more.  

I like Mike McCory’s videos from Wood U Make It on busy boards the best because he is so through. He describes how to build a wooden busy board in 6 different parts, so be sure to check out his channel to watch all the videos in the series.

In this part 6 video, he shows you how to hook up LED lights, so that the light switch actually works!

Montessori-Inspired Play Space

Photo by calivintage 

Montessori is pretty big in our home, so naturally I’m attracted to all these Montessori-inspired play spaces.

Erin over at calivintage did such an amazing job at designing this little space for her littles. The open shelving concept promotes play, the baskets help organize smaller toys, and the plants give a nice touch to the space.

I also love the unique toys they have that inspire imaginative play.

Erin has such an eye for vintage style, so be sure to head over to her site for more ideas on home decor, fashion, and more. 

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

How neat is this DIY magnetic chalkboard wall? Such a great addition to your toddler’s playroom. 

This DIY project calls for hours of fun for your toddler, as they’ll have their very own space to create art with chalk and play with magnets. This is also such a great way to teach your toddler letters, numbers, and vocabulary. You could even display their paper artwork on it. 

Learn how to create this magnetic chalkboard for your toddler over at The Culinary Couple

Checkout this DIY ball pit with slide in this awesome spaceship themed playroom! Pretty darn creative if I may say so myself. 

Ball pits are such a blast for toddlers and young kiddos and the slide adds even more fun. I love how this ball pit is larger than most of the ones you can buy on the internet, and it just looks so much nicer. 

The space themed wall is the perfect addition for any little rocket ship fanatic. 

You can find detailed instructions on how to recreate this ball pit over at Gray House Studio

DIY Playroom with Rock Wall

Talk about playroom goals; This space has it all.

Designed by Asia over at Fun at Home with Kids, this DIY playroom has gymnastics rings, a sensory board, sensory bottles, a play kitchen, pirate ship, reading area, and even a rock wall. There’s bursts of colors throughout the space and clever toy storage that keeps it tidy. 

Be sure to head on over to her site to get a better look at the rock wall and checkout out the rest of this amazing playroom. There’s seriously so much to see! 

Pink Chic Playroom

Photo provided by Baby Donkie and Sweet Home Styling

I absolutely love this pretty in pink, chic playroom. Isn’t it just divine? 

So many great ideas for a girly play space.

This toddler playroom was designed with the help of Belinda from Sweet Home Styling and features a play kitchen, reading canopy, doll stroller, a little tea set, and practical toy storage. The wall art compliments the room perfectly.

Such a magical place for learning and play. 

This photo is just one area of the playroom though, so be sure to head over to Baby Donkie to see the rest of this stunning space. 

Music Awaits

How gorgeous is this music setup?

Music is so important for young children, as it improves coordination, sensory development, vocabulary, and just puts you in a better mood.

Gemma from Elijah’s Playroom does such a great job of setting up inviting spaces for her son, including this beautiful musical shelf. 

Their play spaces are Montessori and Waldorf inspired and are filled with so many creative and open-ended options. 

Check out more of their stunning playroom setups over on their Instagram account. You can also head on over to their blog to get more ideas for toddler activities, sensory play, wooden toys, storage, and more. 

Toddler Reading Nook

No playroom is complete without a space for reading, and this little reading nook is just the cutest thing. 

There’s open shelving at just the right height, so your toddler can easily see and grab all the books he needs. There’s even a comfy toddler-sized sofa chair for some independent “reading.” 

I also love the dinosaur and alphabet decals and the numbers banner hanging on the wall. Such an easy way to incorporate your child’s interests. 

For more farm house decor ideas, be sure to follow @vintage.farm.house over on Instagram. 

Read, Explore, and Create

This beautiful playroom by Her Happy Home has a place to read, explore, and create! Plus, it’s super functional and budget-friendly. 

I love these basket storage ideas, as it hides all the clutter and makes it easy for young toddlers to put their toys away. We’ve also been looking to get one of these teepees for quite awhile now. They’re just so much fun for the little ones. 

The wall art is super cute, and the succulent adds a nice touch. 

If you love this area of the room, you’re bound to love the rest of this gorgeous space, so be sure to head on over to Her Happy Home to see their creating corner, play kitchen, and colorful bookshelves. Plus, Amanda gives some pretty neat tips on how to design your space on a budget. 

Our Playroom Setup

I figured I’d go ahead and share our current playroom setup with you as well.

It’s nothing spectacular and I’m certainly no photographer, but it does have some pretty neat features that keep my kids engaged. 

There’s open shelving to keep the toys minimal and visible, there’s a basket full of my daughter’s favorite stuffies, and they have a little rocking chair with a basket full of books next to it. 

On the wall, you see a DIY pull-up bar that my husband made for my son when he was first learning how to stand. The kiddos still play with this a ton. They love looking in the mirrors and using the bar for ballet. 

And on the left, there’s a Little Climber for my crazy acrobats. This gets rotated with our indoor trampoline and 3-part ball pit

The Perfect Toddler Playroom

I hope these playrooms gave you tons of ideas and inspiration for your toddler’s new play space.

Remember to consider your child’s interests and needs when designing your playroom. Try to include (or rotate) some open-ended toys, gross motor toys, art supplies, and a reading area if you can. And, of course, some practical storage ideas to help keep the mess minimal.

With your toddler’s new playroom, they’ll have tons of opportunities for creativity, learning, and play! 

Better get designing mama! 😉 

What About You?

What features do you hope to add to your toddler’s playroom? Share which playrooms you love best in the comments below and be sure to share this post with all your toddler mom friends. 

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