In search of short and sweet baby girl names, but looking for something that’s a little more special and unique? 

You’ve come to the right place! 

Listed below are 25 short, sweet, and unique names for baby girls.  

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25 Short, Sweet, and Unique Baby Girl Names

1. Ada

Ada is such a beautiful, classic name that couldn’t suite the term “short and sweet” any better. This 3 letter name has is of German origin and means “noble” and “sweet.” It stems from the names Adelaide and Adeline. 

2. Bree

Bree is a Gaelic name that stands for “strength” and “honor.” It’s a short, breezy name that means “exalted one.” It’s often used a shortened form of Brianna, Breanna, or Sabrina. 

3. Brynn

Brynn is a beautiful and brisk name that could really be used for either gender. It is of Welsh origin and literally means “from the hill.” Spelling variations include Brinn, Bryn, and Brynne. 

4. Dara

Dara is a Hebrew name that stands for “wisdom and compassion.” In the Bible, Dara was a descendent of Judah, who was greatly known for his wisdom. Pronounced as DAR-ah. 

5. Dawn

We all know dawn as referring to the first appearance of daybreak. In Latin, Dawn means Aurora, which in Roman Mythology, was the “goddess of sunshine.” Such an awakening name! 

6. Eden

Eden was God’s garden that he created for Adam and Eve. It’s a biblical, Hebrew name that means “pleasure,” “delightful” and “Gift of God.” Can be used as a shorten form of Edith. 

7. Eve

Eve is another biblical name that stand for “Life.” According to the Old Testament, God created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs to be his helper and companion. The name denotes to the nature of living things

8. Esme

Such a sophisticated and charming name for baby girls. Esme means “Loved.” It’s a Old French name that is used as a shorten version of Esmeralda. 

9. Faith

Faith is a classic, elegant name that you really don’t hear too often anymore.The name is of Latin origin and means “to trust,” “believe,” and “have confidence.” It’s derived from faith, which denotes your complete trust and belief in God. 

10. Faye

Faye is a variant of the name Faith and also means “trust,” confidence,” and “belief.” It’s a gorgeous English name that would work great as a first or middle name. Also spelled as Fay and Fae. 

11. Fern

If you’re a nature-loving family, then you may want to consider the name Fern. This English, earthy name refers to the green shade-loving plant. It can also be used a nickname for Fernanda, which means “ready journey.” 

12. Gia

Gia is a cute, unique Italian name, perfect for girls. It’s short and sweet and means “God is gracious.” This would be such a great name for rainbow or IVF babies. Gia is often short for Gianna. 

13. Ivy

Another perfect girl name for nature-lovers is Ivy. This quirky, upbeat name refers to the climbing vine plant, which represents fidelity and eternity. It’s feminine and fun, and makes a great option if you’re looking to add a botanical twist to your baby’s name. 

14. Jade

Jade is strong and short, with a whole lot of class. It makes such a precious girl name, as it means “jewel.” Jade comes from a Spanish origin, derived from the green gemstone said to transmit wisdom, clarity, justice, courage, and modesty

15. Kai

The name Kai has several different origins and meaning. It’s a Hawaiian name that means “the sea.” It’s also of Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek origin and stands for “keeper of the keys.” In Danish it means “pure and chaste.” Pronounced as Kye. 

16. Lyla

Lyla is such a beautiful, feminine name that keeps it short and sweet. The name comes from Hebrew and Arabic origin and means “night.” Variations include Lila. Laila, Layla, and Leila. 

17. Mae

Mae is a sweet, old-fashioned name that keeps things unique. It’s an English name that means “pearl.” Mae would make a pretty middle name or a notable first name for your baby girl. 

18. Nell

Nell is unusual, but quite charming. This sweet, old-fashioned name means “bright” or “shining one” and was previously used as a nickname for Helen, Ellen, and Eleanor. 

19. Quinn

Compact and striking, Quinn represents “wisdom and intelligence.” Quinn makes a great family name in Irish and Scottish families. A very stylish and strong name for your baby girl. 

20. Rayne

Rayne (pronounced as rain) is an English baby name that means “strong counselor.” It also stands for “queen” and “mighty.” This name brings strength and power to your princess. 

21. Ren

If you love the name Lily, but are looking for something a little more unique, then you may want to consider Ren. In Japanese, Ren means “water lily.” Ren makes such a vibrant name, that flows right off your tongue. Plus, with only 3 letters, it’s short and sweet!  

22. Sage

We all know sage as a herb, but did you know that it also means “wise” or “prophet.” In the plant world, sage symbolizes esteem. Name your baby Sage, and you just may have a real “wise one” on your hands. 

23. Shae

Shae, or Shea, is a Gaelic name that means “admirable.” It’s a short but strong name that encourages will power, ambition, self-condfidence, and courage. 

24. Skye

Skye is such a pretty name for a baby girl. It’s of Scottish and English origin and stands for “adventurous” or “free-spirited.” It’s a natural-based name from the Scottish Isle of Skye and the sky itself. 

25. Zuri

The name Zuri is quite beautiful. Its meaning just also happens to be “beautiful.” The name Zuri originated in the Swahili culture and is such a lovely option for baby girls. 

Short, Sweet, & Unique

I hope this list gave you some short, sweet, and unique inspiration for naming your baby girl

And if you still don’t know what to name her, don’t fret. You may just know the moment you see that little princess. 

What About You?

Do you know what you’re going to name your baby girl? Share your favorite short and sweet names in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with all of your expecting mom friends. 

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  1. Chanelle on January 7, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    Quinn really popped out for me

  2. Nancy Mitchell on September 3, 2019 at 8:04 am

    Love Joy! Also, Maya and Skye and Amy.

    • Nicolle on September 4, 2019 at 7:13 pm

      All such short and sweet names! I’m also a big fan of Skye and Maya.

  3. Paula Lust on August 27, 2019 at 9:55 pm

    I like the name JOY , my sister’s name; also like the names you’ve come up with

    • Nicolle on August 30, 2019 at 9:38 pm

      I actually had “Joy” in my longer list! Such a beautiful name. My college diving coach’s name was also Joy.

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