Don’t want your baby ingesting nasty chemicals, like BPA, parabens, and phthalates? Are you in search of baby toys that are completely free of these toxic chemicals?

Babies put EVERYTHING in those little mouths of theirs, so it’s more important than ever to make sure their toys are free of any chemicals that could potentially cause harm.

In this post, we’ll talk about what to look for when buying non-toxic baby toys, learn about some of the best non-toxic brands, and cover 25 of the best non-toxic baby toys, suitable from 0-18 months.

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What to Look for When Buying Non-Toxic Baby Toys 

Plastic toys are everywhere nowadays. It’s nearly impossible to avoid them. And, unfortunately, many mainstream toys contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals, and since babies put everything in their little mouths, we are potentially putting them in harms way when letting them play with them.

To help you chose safer, non-toxic options for your baby, you’ll want to look for toys that are free of:

  • BPA: Research has shown that exposure to BPA can be harmful to the brain, behavior, and prostate gland of babies (source). While more and more manufacturers are starting to create products free of BPA, there are still several plastic toys that are made with it or other estrogen-fillers.
  • PVC: Toys that are made with PVC often contain phthalates to make the plastic more flexible. But, phthalates can cause reproductive development issues, especially in young males (source).
  • Lead: You’ll want to try and stick with toys that are made in the USA or other European countries whenever possible to ensure your baby’s toys are free of this neurotoxin, as lead paint is banned in these countries but not others.
  • Chlorine: Many plastic play food often contains high levels of chlorine, which could be detrimental to your baby’s health, since their little bodies are so hypersensitive. Studies have shown chlorine exposure to be linked with greater risk of breathing issues, skin sensitivities, and heart problems.
  • Flame retardants: Several toys imported from China have also been found to be contaminated with brominated fire retardants. Chemicals which are banned (for most uses) in Canada and Europe, and not even produced anymore in the United States. Yet, these finished toys manage to find a loophole into our country and onto our shelves.

Which Brands are Best for Non-Toxic Baby Toys?

While this list isn’t all-inclusive, it does contain several brands which are guaranteed to be safer for your baby:


Shout out to my home state! Bannor toys creates modern wooden toys in the heart of Iowa. Yay, for products made in the USA!

Bannor toys only uses non-VOC paints, and they get all their wood from local lumberyards. Their non-toxic toys are finished with natural beeswax and flaxseed oil.
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HABA toys are made in Germany. HABA uses beechwood and coats their toys with  a non-toxic, water-based stain to protect them for years to come. They also work with local German suppliers for their stains, varnishes, and woods.

I love that they promote sustainability and work hard to continually check and improve their toys for safety standards.

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Plan Toys

Plan Toys is one of my personal favorite brands for non-toxic baby toys. Plan Toys are made in Thailand, and has your baby’s safety in mind above all else. They also make toys for several other ages as well.

All their toys are made using wood From rubber trees, yet are still functional and inquisitive. Plan is committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling in their manufacturing process to help reduce waste and save energy.

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Grimm’s is a German company known for their beautifully colored, open-ended toys. Their wooden toys are sturdy and made with certified non-toxic, water based colors. Although quite pricey, their products are definitely high quality.

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Hape wooden toys are built to last. They’re 100% non-toxic and great for babies and toddlers. We have many Hape toys in our home, and they’ve been very-well loved by my children.

While many of Hape’s products are made in China, most of their materials come from Germany, and the toys are tested in the U.S., so they’re sure to pass the highest safety standards.

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You’re probably familiar with the famous Sophie La Giraffe. This non-toxic teething ring is made in France by a company called Vulli.

Vulli provides parents with some of the best choices for healthy, natural teethers. They use 100% natural rubber and food grade paints in all their products. Their teething rings are super soft and most babies seem to love them.

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Hevea  Planet

Hevea is another great brand for non-toxic teethers. They also use 100 percent pure natural rubber., ensuring no phthalates, synthetic colors, PVC, silicone, or BPA is going in your baby’s mouth.

Their products are made in Malaysia, from recycled and biodegradable materials. Along with non-toxic teethers, Hevea also makes pacifiers, baby bottles, bath mats, and more.

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Green Toys

The only plastic toys I’m going to recommend are Green Toys. Green Toys are made in the USA with no external coatings, paints, or dyes. This company only uses 100% recycled milk jugs, free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Their toys are safe, durable, and super fun for your baby. Plus, they’re good for the earth. Even the packaging is made with recycled materials.

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25 of the Best Non-Toxic Baby Toys 

Listed below are 25 options for safer toys for your baby. These non-toxic toys are suitable for 0-18 months.

0-6 Months

1.) Classic Baby Rattle by Bannor Toys

This little rattle is so adorable. It’s easy for baby to grasp, and she’ll love listening to the sounds as she shakes it around. It’s sealed with natural beeswax/flaxseed oil, so it will feel nice and gentle against your baby’s gums. This would definitely make an excellent baby shower gift.

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2.) Foldable Wooden Play Gym

Your baby will love stretching and exploring under this wooden play gym. The hanging toys are removable, so you can customize it to suite your baby’s interests. Plus, it folds up, so it can be easily stored away when not in use.

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3.) Organic Crinkly Bunny Ear Teething Ring

This toy was a huge hit with my second child, who was obsessed with fabric. He loved feeling the organic cotton and hearing the crinkle sound. He was constantly chewing on the beech wood teething ring, which apparently felt great against his gums.

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4.) Baby’s First Crinkle Cloth Book 

It’s without a doubt that babies LOVE crinkle sounds. This book doesn’t just crinkle though, there’s also lots of stimulating pictures, a mirror, and different textures for your baby to explore. And, you don’t have to worry about it going in their mouth because it’s non-toxic, durable, and even washable.

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5.) Manhattan Skiwsh Rattle & Teether Grasping Toy

This toy is so much fun! Your baby will love flattening it and watching it “skiwsh” down and pop back up. It’s easy for babies to hold and the beads slide back and forth,  making stimulating noise.

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6.) Calmies Natural Teether

Your baby will love that this teether is easy to grasp and the textured ribs feels nice on her gums. And, you’ll love the fact that it’s 100% all natural rubber, no stains, dyes, or chemicals of any kind. Bonus, that it can also be used as a ball.

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7.) Plan Wooden Keys

A top fave in our house! Babies are so interested in what you’re doing, so of course they feel that they should have a set of keys too. My baby boy absolutely loves swinging these around and chewing on the band and wooden keys.

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8.) My First Phone by Plan Toys

You gotta have a wooden phone to go along with those wooden keys. 😉 

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6-12 Months

9.) Plan Roller

We’ve had this roller since birth, but I found my little guy really started liking it when he was around 6-9 months old, when he could easily grab it with both hands and push it around on his high chair tray.

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10.) HEVEA Rubber Duckie

This 100% natural rubber duck is a great non-toxic option for bath time. It’s easy for tiny hands to hold and feels great against irritable gums. 

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11.) Hape Toy Cars

These little wooden vehicles by Hape will be loads of fun for years to come. This set comes with a car, an airplane, a truck, and a helicopter. They’re designed perfect for little hands and easily roll around.

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12.) Plan Toys Ball Punch & Drop

Your little will love watching these balls roll out the hole and across the floor. Only downside is that you may find yourself retrieving them from under the couch. 😉

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13.) Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

How cute is this push walker?!  Your baby can be pushed around in this, pull themselves up to standing, and even walk their favorite stuffies around in it. This wagon is made with natural wood and has a nice classic appearance, so it’s sure to look great in any room of your home.

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14.) Wooden Ring Stacker 

Ring stackers are a classic, and this cute wooden frog stacker by HABA is a great one to start with. We introduced this to our kids by just having a few rings out and then slowly increasing them until they could stack all of them.

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15.) Plan Toys Wooden Xylophone

This little oval xylophone is an excellent way to introduce music to your baby. They’ll have a blast banging on the keys and exploring the different pitches. I would just keep a close eye on them with the wooden mallet, so they don’t stick it too far back in their mouth.

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16.) Plan Toys Wooden Drum

You can’t forget a drum to go with your xylophone. Again, just watch your little with the drumstick, so they don’t gag themselves. 

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17.) Double Bubble Bead Maze

We actually scored this bead maze by Hape on Facebook Marketplace, and both my baby and my toddler are loving it. It even has little suction cups on the bottom of it, so I can attach it to the baby’s high chair tray while he watches me cook.

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18.) Grimm’s Natural Stacking Cups

Anything by Grimm’s is just GORGEOUS and open-ended. These natural cups can  be stacked, nested, filled with little treasures, or used as play cups.  The imagination is endless. Those beautiful colors come from water based stains and food-grade plant oils. I can see these being used for a long time.

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19.) Shape Sorting Cube

With this wooden shape sorter by Plan Toys, your little can work on their fine motor and problem-solving skills. It also promotes language development by talking about the shapes and colors.  I love this particular sorter, because there are limited shapes and it’s not overwhelming for the child. Most come with far too may shapes.

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12-18 Months

20.) Galt Retro Pop-Up Toy (Top Favorite in our house!)

This is by far the favorite toy in our house right now! It’s so simple, yet so amusing. And, I’m not going to lie, the hubby and I both really like playing with it as well. Your baby will love putting the little people in and out of their holes and watching them pop-up into the air.

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21.) Amazing Ball Tracker

This is super high on our wish list. Babies can work on visually tracking objects, as the balls roll from right-to-left, left-to-right. The track is nicely made with solid wood and is built to last. The only downfall is that the balls are  made of plastic. 🙁 But, I think that’s probably for the best, in case your little decides to chuck one of them. 

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22.) Green Toys Farm Set

Let your little one’s imagination soar with this play farm set by Green Toys. This 100% recycled plastic playset includes a barn, pick-up truck, farmer cow characters, sheep, pigs, fences, and a hog shed.

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23.) Hape Push & Pull Animals

My little animal lovers could walk their little giraffe around all day. It’s endless entertainment for my kids and super lightweight, so it always makes the packing list when we go on trips. These Hape animals also come as an elephant, zebra, & crocodile.

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24.) Hape Gourmet Kitchen

This wooden kitchen by Hape is just the perfect size for our little house. It gets played with basically every day. My little girl loves turning the knobs on the stove and filling her pot up with water in the sink. It doesn’t come with any food though, so we got the Hape wooden food set to go with it. 

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25.) Hape Scoot & Ride

Your little will have a blast scootin’ around the house on this ride along toy. And, of course, you’ll love that it’s made out of wood and has non-toxic finishes. A great toy to burn some of that energy off!

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What About You? 

Does your baby enjoy any of the toys on this list? What are some of your favorite non-toxic baby toys? Leave a comment below and be sure to share this post with other new and expecting moms.

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