Hoping to make your Easter eggs candy-free this year? Looking for some healthy, but fun alternatives for your toddler? 

Easter egg hunts are a blast for toddlers, But, the sugar crash after math isn’t so great for us parents. Plus, if you’re like me, then you probably try to avoid artificial additives and preservatives as much as possible. So what can you fill your toddler’s Easter eggs with that both you and your toddler will approve of?

In this post, we’ll cover over 30 different non-candy Easter egg fillers that are perfect for toddlers.  

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30+ Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers for Toddlers

Here are 30 of the best candy-free Easter egg fillers for toddlers. Some of these are small, so please use your best judgement and supervision. You know your toddler best. 

Other items on this list, may require a bit larger Easter eggs than the standard. Amazon does carry 7″ Jumbo Eggs, if you can’t find any in your area. 

1.) Fruit

Add a little sweet with some fresh fruit. Blueberries are always a huge hit with my kiddos, but you could also use blackberries, cutie slices, or cut up a few grapes. 

Encourage some creativity and sensory play with a little Play-Doh. You could even make your own

Soft headbands fold up nicely to stuff your toddler’s Easter eggs. Adorable option for girls. 

4.) Stickers, Stickers, and More Stickers

Can’t go wrong with stickers. Grab some sheets at your local dollar store, and cut out small strips to place in the eggs. 

If your toddler is an animal lover like mine, then some small Schleich figurines are sure to be a win. Some of our favorites include the sloth, snowy owl, and baby animals set

Bubbles are a blast for spring and summer. And, these miniature sets will fit nicely inside Jumbo Easter eggs. 

7.) Favorite Cereal

Another great alternative to candy is your toddler’s favorite cereal. Or maybe something a little sweeter that they don’t get too often. I plan to put a few organic Coco Bunnies in my toddler’s eggs this year. 

Gel window stickers are an eggstravagant idea for toddlers and young children. Grab a sheet and cut out a few for each egg. 

These adorable finger puppets are sure to make a nice surprise. They’re the perfect size for Easter egg fillers. Plus, they inspire imagination, creativity, and communication. 

10.) Mini Pretzels

Non-GMO mini pretzels are another great healthy snack to use in place of candy. 

Stuff your toddler’s eggs with some beautiful playsilks. This open-ended toy can be used in so many different ways. It’ll be interesting to see what your toddler comes up with. 

What’s life without some music? Place these egg shakers inside some Jumbo eggs or hide them as they are!

13.) Sidewalk Chalk

You should be able to find some egg shaped sidewalk chalk at your local Dollar Tree. A perfect activity while we head into the warmer weather. 

So, I’m not a total Debbie downer. I do let my kiddos have little treats every now and then. My littles love these Annie’s fruit snacks, and I love that they’re free of artificial flavors, synthetic colors, preservatives, and high-fructose corn syrup. Win win for everyone!

I found some Easter stampers just like these at our local Dollar Tree, and they have been a huge hit the past two years. Great idea for the little artists. Plus, they fit inside standard Easter eggs. 

16.) Raisins

Fill your toddler’s Easter eggs with nature’s candy…raisins. You could also use other dried fruits, like mangos, peaches, and banana chips. 

Your toddler will love watching these magic towels expand when they hit the water. Plus, you should be able to find some with your toddler’s favorite characters on them. 

Grab some alphabet magnets and place a letter inside each egg. A great way to teach your toddler their letters

19.) Money

I mean, who doesn’t like money? My toddler loves getting coins and placing them in her piggy bank. Again, use your best judgment on whether you trust your toddler with such small objects. 

Stickers and window stickers are great, but you could even turn it up a notch and add in some temporary tattoos

If your toddler loves to build, then these First Bricks Duplo Legos would be the perfect filler for their Easter eggs. Find them all and then help your toddler build a fish, helicopter, duck, or whatever else they may come up with. 

22.) Planting Seeds

Grab a few packets of seeds that will be great to plant in the spring. We tend to use marigolds, as they’re easy to grow in containers. 

Ditch the chemicals and grab your princess some all natural, non-toxic nail polish, like Piggy Paint. Perfect to have on hand for mommy-daughter days

I found some little bunny shaped crayons this year at our dollar store, but I’m also a big fan of these egg shaped ones. They’re perfect for little hands just learning how to color. 

25.) Peanut Butter Crackers

Peanut butter crackers also make a nice little treat to eat. Savory and sweet, but still healthy. 

Lots of party favors, like these mini pull back cars work great as Easter egg fillers for kids. This set even comes as pre-filled Easter eggs. 

Slinkys are a classic, and these miniature ones are perfect for traveling, gift bags, and Easter eggs. 

28.) Bouncy Balls

Hit the “gumball” machines, and grab some high bounce bouncy balls to keep your active toddler busy and moving. 

My little man loves socks, (he takes after his dad that way) so we grabbed him some new no-slip ones to stuff in his Easter eggs this year. 

Got a superhero fan on your hands? Fold up some various masks and let your little get into some pretend play. 

31.) Putty or Slime

Silly putty or slime also make great Easter egg fillers. Great quiet and busy sensory play for toddlers. 

32.) Bracelets

Your little girl will love playing dress up with some stylish new bracelets. Plus, they’re just super cute on those little wrists of theirs. You could even use silicone teething bracelets for younger toddlers. 

Happy Easter!

I hope this list has given you some great ideas on what to fill your toddler’s Easter eggs with this year besides candy.

You can ditch the sugar and preservatives and still provide your little with tons of healthy Easter fun.

Have a great Easter! 

What About You?

What will you be filling your toddler’s Easter eggs with this year? Tell us what your favorite fillers are in the comments below and be sure to share this post with other toddler moms. 

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  1. Amy on April 11, 2019 at 8:39 pm

    Thanks! I just came across this on Pinterest after I just said yesterday I need to think of alternatives to candy for my 17 month old.
    These were great ideas.
    Will be sharing.

    • Messy Mom Nicolle on April 12, 2019 at 1:22 pm

      Thank you Amy! So glad you found these helpful. Hope you and your family have a fun-filled Easter!

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