Looking for nature crafts to do with your toddler? In search of art projects that inspire creativity and get your kids outside? 

Nature and art go hand-in-hand. Nature inspires art, and you can make art out of nature. Plus, there are just so many benefits to both.

Art helps develop fine motor, language, and decision making skills. It’s the perfect way to learn about nature in a hands-on and visual way. And, the more in-tune with nature we are, the happier and healthier we’re more likely to be. 

So, what are some simple ways that you can get your toddler engaged with art and in love with nature?

In this post, we’ll cover 9 nifty nature crafts that are perfect for toddlers.

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9 Nifty Nature Crafts for Toddlers

Photo provided by The Artful Parent

These flower prints by The Artful Parent are so beautiful. Plus, they’re easy enough for even a 1.5 year old to do.

This craft uses liquid watercolors, stamp pads, sturdy paper, and of course, flowers. Leaves are also great to print with, as their veins make awesome detail. 

Your toddler will have a blast collecting their flowers and pressing them onto the paper to create their new piece of art. 

Photo provided by Journey to SAHM

My daughter loves pretending to be a ladybug, so I can’t wait to do this craft with her! This easy craft by the Journey to SAHM takes a little prep work on your part, but still has a ton of action for your toddler. They’ll get to paint, glue, and make spot placement decisions. All the fun, messy toddler stuff really. 🙂 

Plus, then they’ll get to “fly” their ladybug all around the house and show off their new artwork to all their friends. 

This stunning nature craft is another one inspired by The Artful Parent. Nature suncatchers are such a perfect way to explore nature and create some art out of it. 

We love making these suncatchers out of findings from our nature hikes or scavenger hunts in our backyard. My toddlers spend a good amount of time decorating their plates and fine-tuning their nature arrangements. 

These make such a beautiful display in the window. 

Photo provided by The Artful Parent

Got some cardboard boxes lying around? Take the nature suncatcher up a notch by making a 3D Nature Suncatcher! With a box, nature, and art, your toddler will be filled with inspiration and creativity. 

It could even be a flower house for fairies, a lamp shade, or even a stained glass window. If you have multiple children, this would be a great project for them to work together on. Head on over to The Artful Parent (such a great resource) for instructions and more ideas. 

Photos provided by Run Wild My Child

Checkout these easy bird feeders to make with kids by Run Wild My Child. These are perfect for toddlers to help make and great for attracting birds to your backyard (which can provide many benefits for you, the birds, and the ecosystem as a whole). 

This versatile craft can be created using many items found in your home, including apples, orange peels, or a bundt pan. These DIY bird feeders help inspire creativity and make a great hands-on way for toddlers to learn about the different species of birds, what birds eat, and how they eat. 

Photo provided by Simple Moments Stick

You could even attract birds with something as simple as a toilet paper roll bird feeder. I know I’m always looking for ways to repurpose those never-ending toilet paper rolls. 😉

My toddler had a blast making this feeder by Simple Moments Stick. Such a perfect little craft for little animal lovers. 

Photo provided by Love Peace Beauty

This painting seashells craft is a great one to add to your bucket list if you live near the beach. It’s also a great way to add in some art while you’re on vacation with the little ones. 

I’m so glad I found this simple craft over at Love Peace Beauty, because I confess, I’ve got quite the collection of seashells just lying around in storage getting dusty. This will be such a fun nature craft that my toddler can do independently. And, I won’t feel so bad about my seashell hoarding! 

Photo provided by Thimble & Twig

Your toddler will have a blast making these little nature trinkets by Thimble & Twig. These spring flower keyrings turn out gorgeous and are super simple to make. 

Your toddler will get to get outside, pick some pretty flowers (be sure to leave the protected plants be), and make their very own keyring that they can proudly display on their backpack. 

Photo provided by Penlights to Pacifiers

This tree placemat craft by Penlights to Pacifiers is a great way to display falling leaves in autumn or blooming, colorful tress in the spring. Bonus points, it doesn’t involve any glue and hardly any mess. It’s even easy prep for non-crafty moms. 

This nature craft makes an excellent opportunity to teach your toddler about the changing seasons and different parts of the tree. It even makes mealtime more enticing! #momwin

9. Autumn Leaf People

Photo provided by Thimble & Twig

Oh my gosh, aren’t these little people just the funnest? This craft has it all. There’s nature collecting, painting, gluing, picking out accessories, and making so many creative decisions. 

I think this autumn people craft by Thimble and Twig would even be fun to do in the spring with vibrant leaves. Your toddler may need a bit of assistance with this craft, but at the end, they’ll have their very own little leaf person to show off, name, and call their own. 

Get out in Nature and Start Creating

Now that you have 9 nifty nature craft ideas, it’s time to get outside, explore the great outdoors, and dive into the world of creativity with your toddler. 

These nature crafts are a great way to learn about plants and animals, promote art, and develop fine motor skills. They even make a great bonding opportunity for you and your toddler. 

With these 9 ideas, your toddler will reap all the benefits of connecting with nature and engaging in art. So, get outside, explore, and create! 

What About You?

What kind of nature crafts does your toddler love to do? Share your creative ideas with us in the comments below and be sure to share this post with other toddler moms. 

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