Looking for an indoor toy to keep your active toddler busy? Or, maybe you’re in search of a toy to support your baby’s development and growing needs?

The Little Climber by Lily & River isn’t just a great energy-burning toy, it also promotes the development of the mind and body. It’s much more than your everyday climbing toy. It’s an open-ended toy with so many possibilities.

This beautiful triangle has been so loved by our family and gets used almost daily. Below, I will tell you why this Pikler Triangle is such a hit in our home and help you decide if it’s the right fit for your family.

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Product Overview

The Little Climber by Lily & River promotes climbing, development, and adventure. It’s an indoor and outdoor toy that is sure to be a hit with your littles.

This natural, open-ended toy is inspired by the Pikler Triangle and is the perfect outlet for mobile children ready to explore their environment.

The Little Climber is designed for crawling babies all the way up to age 5 (or to 60 lbs). It comes with reversible, adjustable accessories, so you can change up the difficulty or type of play.

I love that Lily & River is a family-owned and operated business. Everything is even made right here in the U.S., as their workshop is based in Phoenix, AZ. Lily & River truly cares about supporting children’s developmental needs and providing parents with premium, natural products.


  • Promotes development of the mind and body
  • Open-ended
  • Foldable
  • Can be used for YEARS
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a Read-Along Board Book


  • High price tag. Definitely a splurge for some families.
  • Could be taller to make it more challenging for older toddlers

Key Features & Benefits

1. Burns off Energy

The main reason we purchased the Little Climber is because we needed something that would burn off our toddler’s energy in the dead of winter. And, because she just loves to climb on EVERYTHING. The Climber has been a sure fire hit with our toddler, and now our baby is mobile and loving it as well.

2. Develops Crucial Skills 

Climbing isn’t just great exercise though, it also develops crucial mind & body skills. As your littles climbs up, over, and back down, they are enhancing the connection between their brain and their movements. They are developing body awareness and balance.

This natural toy develops gross motor skills, builds muscles, and improves brain development. It also encourages littles to explore their environment before they’re even walking. It’s crazy how well we can climb before we can walk!

My baby boy first stood with the help of the Little Climber. It was incredible to watch him naturally know just what to do. I was so excited as I watched him put one hand up in front of the other and climb to standing all on his own. And now he quite enjoys using it as a dance pole. Hahaha. 😉

Little Climber at 8 months old:

3. Inspires Creativity 

Not only does the Little Climber enhance physical development, it also expands the brain by inspiring imagination and creativity. It’s an open-ended toy with endless possibilities. My toddler loves using it as a fort with her favorite stuffies, and my baby boy thinks it’s hilarious to crawl through it like a tunnel. You might be surprised what your littles come up with.

4. Comes with Reversible Accessories

Each Little Climber comes with a ramp of your choice of either a ladder or a rock wall. We went with the rock wall so it would be a little more challenging for our 2 year old, but now I wish we had the ladder as well, as our baby boy is getting so mobile.

Turn the rock wall (or ladder) over and you’ve got a wooden slide!

The wooden slide can also be used as a ramp for crawling babies to climb. The height of the ramp can be adjusted as your baby grows, so they can climb at steeper and steeper angles, making it more challenging and intriguing.

5. Premium Build

The Little Climber is built to last. And, it’s made right here in the USA. It’s made with all natural, solid wood, but is still smooth to the touch. Most of the Little Climbers are built with natural baltic wood, but you can pay extra if you want premium bamboo or walnut limited bamboo.

6. Easy Storage

Unlike most active indoor toys, the Little Climber folds up flat for easy storage. Super simple to put out of site when not in use. Heck, you could even travel with it if you wanted to.

My husband may or may not have conned me into taking ours with us once or twice. The foldability of the Little Climber was definitely a key factor when deciding to get this toy for our tiny house.

7. Bonus Book

With every Little Climber, you get a super cute, read-along board book.  This book helps build confidence and courage and reminds your little to concentrate when climbing. We try to read it at least a few times a week. 

Don’t Miss This

In honor of my son’s first birthday, Lily & River is offering all my readers 15% off your very own Little Climber. Just use code MESSYMOM15 at checkout to receive your discount.

Get Your Littles Climbing 

Playtime is learning time with the Little Climber. Not only is it great exercise for your little, but it also helps develop motor skills, balance control, and body awareness. It inspires creativity and boosts confidence and courage. Your little monkeys are sure to have a blast on the Little Climber.

What About You? 

Do you have a Little Climber in your home? What do you love or hate about it? What do your littles think? Share your experiences with us in the comments below and be sure to share this post with all your mama friends.

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