In search of thoughtful gift ideas for your midwife or doula? Looking for a special way to thank them for being a part of your special birthing day?

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to get your doula or midwife anything. But if your team made your birth such a positive experience like mine was, then you’ll certainly want to show a way to thank them. Or, maybe you just want to get your midwives something for midwife appreciation week. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered.

Listed below are 11 thoughtful gift ideas for midwives and doulas

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Gift Ideas for Midwives and Doulas

1. Funny Mug

Um…how hilarious are these mugs? I especially love the Womb There It Is! one. 

There’s really a ton of different funny midwife and doula mugs to choose from though. 

This would give them the perfect cup for filling up with some caffeine before a long shift ahead. 

2. Handy Tote

Since midwives and doulas typically spend quite a bit of time attending each birth, a tote with tons of storage is really such a practical gift.

Your doula can store snacks, flameless candles, birthing books, a rebozo, and anything they might need for their clients’ births. Midwives could store their journals, papers, lunch, laptop, etc.   

There’s even this handy Labor and Delivery tote that you can get personalized with their name and either “midwife” or “doula.”

3. Safe Option Gift Card

If you don’t know your midwife or doula that well, a gift card is usually a safe bet.

You could treat them to some coffee or tea with a Starbucks gift card, a nice big family meal with a restaurant gift card, or even just stick with a basic Amazon gift card

4. Catchy T-Shirt

This catchy t-shirt suits both midwives and doulas. 

A great thank you gift that adds some humor into their unpredictable days. 

Great for them to wear under their scrubs or at home visits or home births. I know some midwives that wear t-shirts like this all the time! 

5. Goody Basket

You could also show your appreciation with food, by ordering or hand picking a goody basket. 

I’m a big fan of Edible Arrangements, but this variety gift box is also packed with an assortment of nutritious and delicious snacks (and ones that won’t go bad right away). 

 It’s something they could take home and share with their family or keep at the office to give the nurses (and themselves) something to munch on. 

6. A Heart Felt Note

Add a special touch and let your birthing team know how truly appreciated they are with a heart felt thank you card

Include some pictures from your birth and/or of your new baby. Better yet, make a personalized card with pictures over on sites like Shutterfly or Mpix

This is one thing I did for all my midwives and nurses, and they really loved it. 

7. Trusty Journal

A trusty journal is another excellent practical gift idea, and this composition notebook  seems to complement doulas and midwives very well. 

Doulas could use this during at pre-birth visits with clients to remember all their contact info and birthing desires. Midwives could use this to jot down notes at meetings or record important information about patients and their births.  

8. Fizzy Bath Bombs

Grant your birthing team some relaxation by gifting them some fizzy bath bombs. Perfect for soaking in the tub after being on their feet all day. 

This 8 piece bomb set is made with all natural and organic ingredients and comes in an elegant box. 

If you want to do something more and can afford it, a gift card for a massage is another great idea. 

9. Fun Family Game

If you know your midwife or doula has a family at home, then gift them a new game to play with their kids. This is a great idea for busy birthing professionals, as it gives them an easy way to pour their time into their family

Don’t Say It! makes the perfect family game night. It’s basically like Taboo for kids. where one person tries to describe the word for others to guess. Of course, the younger ones may need some assistance. 

Other great game ideas include Monopoly, Guess Who, and Sorry

10. Birthing Pendant

How beautiful is this birthing pendant

Anyone obsessed with babies and birth would absolutely love sporting this gem. 

A elegant reminder to midwives and doulas to why they’ve chosen this path and how big of an impact they’re making in people’s lives. 

11. Honest Testimonial

One of the most helpful and heartwarming gifts you could get a doula or a midwife is an honest testimonial on how they enhanced your whole birthing experience. 

A positive review on a doula’s website or Facebook page can go along way in landing them clients and growing their career. Same goes with midwives. 

Plus, it just lets them know how much you appreciate them and how they helped make your birth one to remember. 

Awesome Gifts for an Awesome Birthing Team

If you loved your pregnancy and birth experience as much as I did, then you’ll want to be sure to send a special thank you to all of those who made that possible. 

Let your doula and/or midwife  know how much you cherish your birth and appreciate them. Make it known that they’re hard work is valued and recognized. 

Use any of the 11 gift ideas listed above to show your appreciation for your awesome birthing team. 

What About You?

Did you get your doula or midwife anything to show your appreciation? Share your favorite gift ideas in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with other new and expecting moms. 

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