Is your baby starting to pull herself up on anything and everything? Looking to design a space and beautiful space for your baby to practice her new profound skills on?

A DIY pull-up bar is easy, inexpensive, and just plain adorable. You can customize it any way you want to fit perfectly in your space and accommodate your baby’s needs.

In this post, we’ll talk about the benefits of having a pull-up bar for your baby and give you the exact steps so you can create your very own.

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Benefits of a Pull-Up Bar for Your Baby 

A pull-up bar specifically designed for your baby doesn’t just look super awesome, it’s also extremely beneficial for you and your baby:

  • Promotes development: A customized pull-up bar creates a safe space for your baby to practice their new standing up skill. You won’t have to worry about furniture toppling over on them. The mirror(s) helps your baby practice visual tracking and can even help develop their vocabulary with you pointing out their body parts.
  • Encourages independence:  This pull-up bar is at the perfect height for success. The mirrors help gauge interest, so your baby will be inspired to stand and cruise along independently.
  • Entertains your baby:  Your baby will love prating their new skills over and over again, and they’ll also love looking at their reflection in the mirror, trying to figure out who that baby is. My baby boy’s newest love is kissing himself in the mirror. It’s so stinkin’ adorable! <3
  • Helps your baby explore: Having a mirror and pull-up bar at your baby’s height gives them a new way to explore themselves and the environment around them.
  • Creates bonding time: This even creates an excellent bonding opportunity for you and your baby. Enjoy some quality time together by make silly faces at your baby in the mirror, playing peek-a-boo with an added effect, and just cheering them on while they’re practicing their new skills. You can even get the siblings involved in the fun.

How to Make a DIY Pull-Up Bar For Your Baby

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a pull-up bar for your baby:

STEP 1: Find the Perfect Spot

You’ll need to find a large enough space in your house to accommodate your baby’s pull-up bar. It will need to be low enough to the ground so that baby can easily reach the bar and pull himself up.

Our project space ended up being around 31″ tall and 50″ wide, but you can customize your baby’s pull-up bar to work with the space you’ve chosen.

STEP 2: Gather Your Materials 

Once you have the perfect spot picked out, it’s time to start gathering your materials. You will need:

  • Mirror(s)
  • Curtain rod set (usually includes your curtain rod, mounting brackets, screws, drywall anchors, and installation instructions) – You can also use an unfinished handrail as well and seal it with olive oil from time to time for teething babies.
  • Screws (you can use the screws that come with your curtain rod set, but I highly suggest using higher quality screws for this project, such as 2″- 3″ GRK washer head cabinet screws. You’ll also need extra screws to mount your mirrors.
  • Stud finder
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

Most of these materials can be found at your local hardware store, Walmart, or Target. You may even get lucky and have some good finds at a thrift store, or you could even repurpose items lying around your house.

We just used simple 48″ X 12″ door mirrors, which usually run around $15 each, and an adjustable curtain rod set with a span of at least 48 inches to match up with the mirrors.

If you’re working with a smaller space, you could use one square wall mirror and place your curtain rod along the middle of the mirror.

Step 3: Find a Stud

Decide roughly where you want to install your pull-up bar. Next, take your stud finder and slowly drag it across the wall horizontally until you hear it start beeping. Most of the time this will mean you have found a stud.

To double check your stud finder, or if you don’t have stud finder at all, you can use the technique demonstrated in this video:

Once you’ve found one stud, your other studs should be 16″ apart, on center. This is where you will want to fasten your screws. Take your pencil and mark where your studs are located for future reference.

STEP 4: Determine Height for Rail Installation 

The height at which you install your bar, will depend on your baby’s height. You’ll want the bar to be right above your baby’s shoulders when standing. Mark this spot with your pencil.

STEP 5: Install Your Bottom Mirror 

Start installing your bottom mirror by centering it over your marked studs. Once you’ve found a center point, start fastening your mirror into the wall using your drill and screws.

After you’ve fastened your first screw in, check to make sure your mirror is level. Be sure to place your level on both the top and the side of the mirror. Make adjustments as necessary to stay level as you continue to fasten the rest of your screws in place.

STEP 6: Secure Your Bar

Take your brackets and screw them directly above your mirror, using the same studs. After your brackets are installed, check them to make sure they’re level (if your mirror was level, your brackets should be level).

After your brackets are secure, follow the package instructions that came with your curtain rod (or handrail) set to complete this installation.

STEP 7: Install Your Top Mirror

Put a level on the side of your bottom mirror, going up past your brackets, to ensure that both your mirrors align, and secure your top mirror to the wall.

STEP 8: Make Sure Everything is Secure

Check your mirrors and give your bar a healthy pull to make sure everything is secure before letting your baby give it a go.

STEP 9: Enjoy Your Creation

Now it’s time to stand back and let your baby (and yourself) enjoy your creation. Your baby’s new pull-up bar will look beautiful in your space. 

And, your baby will just adore working on his new skills and playing with his reflection in the mirror. He’ll be able to stand on his own, cruise along the bar, and give himself kisses in the mirror. 🙂 

Other Uses for Your Pull-Up Bar

We’ve even found a few other uses for baby’s pull-up bar:

  • Ballet bar for your toddler
  • A place to hang baby’s clothes on for the next day
  • Perfect height for getting dressed and brushing our hair in the mornings

Did You Enjoy This Post? 

Are you feeling inspired to create a pull-up bar for your baby? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with all your new mama friends.


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